Are You An International Student planning to study in a UK University next year?

Are you worried about ESSAY Writing?  

Do you know how to reference correctly 

Do you want to ENSURE you can successfully pass your EXAMS at university next year?  

I’ve developed an online course that addresses the challenges facing every student beginning a university degree.   


Here are some of the things you’ll discover:  


  • How to apply critical thinking skills 

  • How to reference correctly

  • How to strengthen your arguments

  • How to avoid plagiarism 

  • How to plan an essay

  • How to conduct research

  • How to critically evaluate sources

  • How to synthesise sources

  • How to write coherent paragraphs

  • How to write AWESOME introductions & conclusions

That's not all - 

You also get these


  • 2 weeks Bonus Lessons - making it a total of 8 weeks (Value: £100)

  • 2 FREE Tutorials - To get Feedback On YOUR Actual Assignments Once You're In University (Value: £300)

  • Model Essays - So You Can See What A Good Essay Looks Like (Value :£600)

  • Lifelong access to all course materials (Value: Priceless)

  • Phrasebank for Essays & Presentations - NEVER Get Stuck For Words Again (Value £300)

  • LIVE Interactive classes - NOT Pre-recorded

  • Twice Weekly Classes

  • TOTAL VALUE £1300 - BUT That's NOT What You'll Be Paying.


Shazad Khan

'There are over 3000 successful graduates & postgraduates around the world that were helped by Shazad's teaching & coaching'


What I do:
I help international students studying in the UK to gain the skills they need to not only succeed but thrive at university. I teach key academic skills that include academic essay writing, critical thinking and presentation skills. 

How I do it:
I use an interactive communicative method of teaching that engages the students from day one. Students build on the skills that they already have and develop confidence in their reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

Who I work with: 
I have worked with students from across the globe that include: China, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi, Oman, Brazil, Peru, Korea, Ukraine, Germany, Canada, Nigeria and Ghana. 

My background: 
I have nearly two decades of experience teaching a range of different modules at three UK universities: Birmingham City University, Coventry University and currently at the University of Birmingham. I have taught at Foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate level, teaching modules such as: Interactive Learning Skills & Communication; Critical Thinking; Research Methods for postgraduate study.

By Taking This Course You Will:

  • Get Excellent Results

    This will enable you to get top marks in your assignments.

  • Make Your Parents Proud

    Imagine what your parents will feel when you graduate with top marks

  • Land Your DREAM Job

    Getting top marks in your assignment will enable you to land your dream job.

Student Results


A lot of students and researchers that come to me for help feel stressed about their writing. 

They have problems expressing their research ideas coherently and precisely using appropriate academic language. 

This negatively impacts their confidence, sometimes to the point when they start doubting if they will be able to ever improve their writing and achieve their academic goals. 

When Ruqya reached out to me, she was in a bad shape. 

She wasn't making any progress with her writing and was feeling depressed.  

14 days later, this is what happened: 


Who: Ruqya, Master's student from Qatar

Problem: Feeling stressed and depressed because of poor writing skills. 

Solution: Join my Prepare For University Course 

Result: Introduction to her thesis written. Understanding how to structure ideas logically. Feeling confident and motivated to continue improving. 

Want to get similar results? 

Let's talk. 

We've put some time aside for you this week to see if we can help you achieve your goals. 

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What You Will Learn In This Course:

  • Allow you to practice and improve your English in a genuine academic context, with a focus on integrated reading, writing, listening and speaking

  • Develop your study skills by working on authentic academic tasks, so that you are prepared for the demands of UK Higher Education

  • Guide you through the process of producing academic texts, with extensive feedback from your tutor

  • Enable you to gain experience of studying in a university before beginning your degree


During the session, we will pinpoint the exact problems holding you back and outline what you need to do to achieve your goals. And then if it sounds like it's a good fit for both of us, we can talk further about how we could work together. So that you can start getting results.


What Our Students Say:

Hyobin Shim

South Korea

Mr. Shazad Khan's online lectures are engaging, and they are always filled with invaluable lessons with topics ranging from 'how to reference in essays' to 'how to support your arguments in essays'. These are essential skills when writing a good essay, which will last not only for your time at university but throughout your academic and work life. He provides feedback so that you can continue improving. In addition, he also values feedback from his students so that he can improve as well. You can tell that he continuously improves his teaching as well.

Balqees Al-Balooshi


Mr Shazad is an excellent teacher. He really knows the problems that international students face when studying in the UK, and equips students with what they need to succeed. Thank you sir, for all your work with us.

Rawan Alhashar


I just want to say a great BIG thank you to Mr Shazad for all the effort he has put in. They were great lessons and I highly recommend them to any student wanting to study in a UK univeristy.


During the session, we will pinpoint the exact problems holding you back and outline what you need to do to achieve your goals. And then if it sounds like it's a good fit for both of us, we can talk further about how we could work together. So that you can start getting results.