"Metacognition and self-regulation approaches to teaching support pupils to think about their own learning more explicitly, often by teaching them specific strategies for planning, monitoring, and evaluating their learning..."

"The average impact of metacognition and self-regulation strategies is an additional seven months’ progress over the course of a year.
Metacognition and self-regulation strategies can be effective when taught in collaborative groups so that learners can support each other and make their thinking explicit through discussion."

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July 2022

Shazad recieving EC's Entrepreneur of the Month Certificate.

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Is Arabic Hard To Learn?

Everyone learns languages differently. Some people seem to pick up the new vocabulary and grammar without any problems. Others seem to have a more difficult time dealing with the differences between their own language and the new one. So, whenever someone asks: "Is Arabic hard to learn?", we have to answer with: "it depends."

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What Are The Challenges Learning A Second Language?


Learning a second language can be extremely fun and rewarding, but that doesn’t mean it will always be easy.
In fact, for English speakers, there are a few languages that consistently rank as the most difficult or challenging to learn.
This could be due to a number of factors, from different grammar structures to new writing systems to unfamiliar sounds.
In the end, though, the more challenging the language, the more rewarding every accomplishment will be.

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What To Do When Your Stuck For Words In An Essay?

Use this simple tool - You'll never be stuck for words again.

What Is The Best Method To Learn New Vocabulary?

What Skills Are Needed For Critical Thinking?

Thinking about a topic or issue in an objective and critical way.

 In an academic context, it is not enough to simply react to a statement by agreeing or disagreeing with it. You need to be able to reflect about it in a logical and objective way, recognising all the pros and cons that there might be. This applies in your reading and writing as well as in what you listen to during your studies.

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How Will You Be Taught In University?

 Here are the fours common ways of being taught in a  UK university: 

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Best Universities For Computer Science

Over the years, Students all over the world are seeking for universities that would guarantee them quality education in their areas of study. 

Computer Science is one area of study that has many students applying for it. They are seeking for schools that can offer them the best study in the knowledge of Computer Science. 

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Top Business Schools In The World


Business Studies has become a fast growing study for the one who is reading it as a career or the one who just see it as a commercial activity. Many organizations are business oriented as well as many individuals and some who are doing everything to get into the business sector. They are either established through the knowledge of business or their day to day lives encompasses business.

It will be difficult to sideline business even from our minds. In the world today, the business sector is one which is fast growing especially with the emergence of technology in the world today. Thus, the study of Business has been one of the most profound with many universities giving their best to their students through intense study and research.

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Student Visa Requirements for UK


Studying abroad can be quite stressful. It is always best to seek proper guidance from reliable sources, either from the university you intend to study, or on the government website. 

Here is the UK government website that lists all the requirements for study in the UK. 

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