The Ode of Imrul Qays

The wandering life of this genius poet greatly enhanced his poetic abilities.

Step back in time and learn how this man came to be known as the most gifted poet of Arabia.

The Ode of Imrul Qays

Imrul Qays was a pioneering poet. He was the first to compare women to gazelles, wild cows and eggs; and the likening of horses to eagles and staffs. He excelled in the use of metaphor and simile. His influence left an indelible mark upon the later poets of Arabia. To appreciate the challenge of the Quran, you need to sit amongst the Arabian poets, despite their vulgarity, to truly see the beauty, eloquence and infinite profundity that lies in the Majestic Quran.

In this course you will:

  • Delve into the life that fascinated the Pre-Islamic Arabs

  • Spend some time with the one of the most gifted poets of Arabia

  • Learn about the life of the wandering prince Imrul Qays

  • Increase your appreciation of the Quran

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who already has an intermediate level of Arabic

  • Anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the Quran

  • Anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of Pre-Islamic poetry

السبع المعلقات

The Hanging Odes: The Ode of Imrul Qays. Live weekly sessions

The Ode of Imrul Qays

  • Scandal after scandal

    No honest woman felt safe from Imrul Qays' attentions and he unashamedly gloated about these exploitations.

  • The Prophet Muhammad described him as:

    'The poetical of the poets, and their leader into Hell-Fire.'

  • Increase your appreciation of the Quran

    The Quran challenged the Pre-Islamic Arabs. One can only understand this by being exposed to Pre-Islamic poetry.

The Hanging Odes

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