The Proven Step-by-Step System to Learning the Arabic Language......Rhythmically & Consistently. Like Clockwork.

"Finally, a system to learn Arabic that actually works..." 

What is the Communicative System of Language Teaching? 

The Communicative Method is a tried and tested, natural way of learning a language. It's how we learnt our mother-tongues, by listening and mimicking language in its natural habitat.  

No more guessing or stabbing in the dark. 
Follow the system, do as it says each step of the way and watch your language grow. 

From the fundamentals and basic building blocks through to the advanced stages of optimising your learning - whether you're a beginner or intermediate student, implementing the Communicative System will get you faster results. 

IMAGINE picking a book in Arabic and knowing for SURE that you'll be able to read it without a dictionary.

Imagine engaging in an actual conversation in Arabic.  

Imagine listening to Arabic TV on Al-Jazeera and understanding everything you hear. 

Imagine how confident you'll feel knowing that you've learnt a new language.

This is the reality you will have when you finally crack the SYSTEM OF LEARNING COMMUNICATIVELY. When new phrases and vocabulary are consistently flowing off your tongue.   

I can tell you from experience that learning a language is NO FUN when you're on your own trying to learn grammar rules and rote learning conjugations. 

  • It's abstract. 

  • Time consuming. 

  • Incredibly stressful. 

But when you have a teaching and learning SYSTEM that predictably and consistently brings in the right flow of progress every week, every month, like clockwork... then learning a new language – it's phenomenal. 

And THAT's Exactly What The Arabic 101 Course Does For You...

We've taken EVERYTHING we've learnt over the past two decades of teaching, not just from teaching Arabic and applying many underlying teaching pedagogies in communicative learning in Higher Education– but also from working closely with our students to grow their confidence and ability  – and done the unthinkable... 

...we SYSTEMISED how to learn Arabic.


Want The System? 

Of course you do. 


Because any serious student who knows there is a proven system to gain proficiency in Arabic and isn't at least a little curious to see it, is a very strange student indeed(!). 

Now I'll be honest - the system takes some time. 

(Duh! It is a proven system to learn a language – it's not going to happen over night!) 

There are four parts, 8 sub-parts, and they're all intertwined and linked together... 

...BUT – once you understand it, once you take the time to not just know what you need to do, but HOW to do it – then it can change EVERYTHING for you.


If You're Only Proficient In Reading - Then You Have Learnt A Skill (Not A Language)   

It doesn't matter how good your reading is...


It doesn't matter how fast you can grammatically analyse a sentence... 

It doesn't matter how fast you can conjugate a verb: 

.....ضَرَبَ ضَرَبَا ضَرَبُوْا 

Because If You Cannot Write Or Speak  A Meaningful Sentence – Then It's Just A Skill - Not A Language...  

And if it's just one skill you know...then you can't appreciate the language as a whole.  

When You Do Have An Effective System To Learn Arabic– You Can Finally Develop All Four Skills.   

You can do things others can't do...

You can write a novel in Arabic. 

You can appreciate poetry and great works of literature


You can give a presentation in Arabic. 

You can haggle and converse in Arabic.

 And That's Exactly What The Arabic 101 Course Is Designed And Proven To Do  

Student Testimonials

Mashuda Khandokar

Medical Doctor

I used to struggle to find confidence to speak Arabic, with fear that I would make a fool of myself. Then I joined this course. The relaxed environment, the creative yet structured teaching style and the group energy, all meant I felt less alone in my journey. And for that, I am immensely grateful.

Shanaz Bi

Housewife & Mother of 2

A truly amazing course that is fun, interactive and a pleasure to engage with. Lots of group work and time to consolidate.

Husain Khan

14 Year Old Student

You learn without the pressure of learning. Fun and interactive.

Hasan Imam

The Arabic lessons are inclusive of the 4 necessary aspects required to learn a new language: speaking, writing, listening and reading. Since joining this class my Arabic has improved; progress can be seen and inshallah one day my Arabic will become fluent.

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Course Starting September 19, 2022

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  • What text will be used for this course?

    We will be using a number of Arabic language teaching materials that have collated and designed specifically for the class needs.

  • How are the students assessed?

    After completion of two units students will be assessed via an online live assessment.

  • Once I complete a section of the course, will I receive a certificate?

    Yes, upon successful completion of formal assessment, students will be issued electronic certificates.

  • Is there an age restriction for children to enrol?

    We normally suggest that children should be mature, sensible and at least 14 years of age.

  • How will brothers and sisters learn together?

    The sessions will be interactive and some interaction between students in breakout rooms will be mandatory. Please speak to the teacher if you are uncomfortable with breakout room sessions with opposite gender.

  • Is this class for beginners?

    Yes, this is a beginners class but student must be able to read Arabic text as a minimum.