Fortress Your Finances

How to make successful financial decisions to improve your finances and take control of your money.

So, why should you care about finances? In this economic downturn, understanding finances is more important than ever - you need the skills to prepare and make the best out of a bad situation. If you equip yourself with financial knowledge and skills, then you can minimise the impact this downturn will have on you. And getting a financial education is easier than you think – with this course you will be ready to achieve financial success in just 5 weeks.

Crammed with invaluable advice and tips, this course will allow you to cut through all the hassle and roadblocks to success. It is structured into concise and well-organised videos geared to make your learning experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


You will learn about the key areas of financial success. In particular, how to create a financial surplus, which you can then invest to make more money.

There are three key things you need to understand to make more money and have financial success:

1. The incredible power of compound interest

Einstein called compound interest the ‘8th wonder of the world’. Compound interest means you will make interest on the money you save as well as interest on the interest itself. If you understand what compound interest is then you will be able to receive it but if you do not understand it, you will lose it. By investing your financial surplus rather than saving it you can make compound interest work for you.

2. Inflation

In recent years governments have been investing and inventing vast quantities of fictional money, which leads to inflation. In the post Covid-19 world we will see this

happening more and more. Inflation is bad news for anyone who doesn’t understand it, but it can be good news for the tiny minority of people who do. For example, if the rate of inflation goes up by 4% a year then your £1 will decrease in value by 4 pence each year. In order to beat inflation, you need to make an extra 4% each year to break even on your investment and if you earn more than that you will be in profit. This course will teach you how to safeguard against inflation by showing you how to choose investments and assets that benefit from inflation, such as gold.

3. Financial surplus

In order to invest money, you need a financial surplus. To create a financial surplus, you need to live on less than you earn and invest the rest. The minimum you should save from your income is 10%. You can reframe it to think about how you can spend 90% of your income and then naturally you will find it easier to save the 10%. When you have a surplus of at least 10% - then 80% of that needs to go towards assets (e.g. stocks and shares) and the remaining 20% can be used on treating yourself.

Over the 5 weeks of this course, you will learn all of these key principles and more. At the end of the course you will have gained the financial knowledge and skills to make low risk investments that enable you to make more money.


1. Freedom from living pay slip to pay slip

2. Successfully living debt free

3. Improving your future financial prospects

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Fortress Your Finances: First Things First

  • 2

    Asset Classes

    • Asset Classes

    • Cash & Property

    • Property

    • Asset Classes - Cash & Property

    • Bonds

    • Shares

    • Commodities & Funds

    • Here’s What Happens to £50k When Invested/Not Invested over 20 Years

    • How the Economic Machine Works

    • The Crisis of Credit

    • Key Terms

  • 3


    • The Richest Man In Babylon

    • Live-On-Less-Invest-The-Rest-

    • VT-PEF-Global-Multi-Asset-Fund-Overview

Each engaging section concludes with exercises and quizzes to consolidate what you’ve learnt.

  • NO MORE of living pay check to pay check!

  • NO MORE of being bogged down with debt!

  • NO MORE worrying about the future!


Founder & Senior Instructor

Shazad Khan

Shazad Khan co-founded As-Suffa Institute in Birmingham where he is a senior instructor of hadith. He is also an English for Academic Purposes lecturer & Presessional Coordinator at the University of Birmingham, UK. He has previously taught at Birmingham City University and Coventry University. He is passionate about teaching and has over two decades of experience.

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